Mold: Bed Bath Recalls UGG Comforters

Bed Bath and Beyond has recalled around 175,000 comforters because of mold contamination. This time of year, many of us here in San Miguel de Allende are huddled around space heaters (see previous blogs on air quality issues) and dive into bed early to keep warm. If you brought a comforter from the U.S. and wonder if it safe you can go here for more information on the recall. I am not an alarmist. If you keep your comforter clean and dry there should not be a problem with mold. But if you have one of these comforters I suggest getting the refund and start with a mold-free comforter.

I received this notice from IAQA, my Indoor Air Quality Association membership:

“Bed Bath & Beyond Recalls Nearly 200K Comforters Over Mold”
Good Housekeeping
Bed Bath & Beyond is recalling nearly 200,000 UGG comforters sold in stores nationwide and online over concerns about mold, and warns anyone who bought the products should immediately stop using them.”

SMA Home Inspections does basic mold testing and can make suggestions on how to minimize mold growth in you home.