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Do You Have Dangerous Mold ?

The answer is….”you probably do not have so called toxic mold”. The conditions needed for black mold (stachybotrys is one of the most toxic) are significant and are often not present here in San Miguel.  Black mold is black/green in color, often slimy and found in association with cellulose (drywall paper, cardboard, wood window sills etc). But if you are allergic, immune deficient or highly sensitive then of course any mold can cause health problems.

We are still looking for a reputable Mexican lab to do mold testing but until then, we have the ability to do quick on-site testing which is an important first step. We can determine if you have one of the 3 most toxic molds (Aspergillus, Penicillium,Stachybotrys). We can follow up with U.S. based lab testing but that takes time.  You can order your own kit here and save our fees but it can take a few weeks to get the kit. Why not have an informed professional inspect for mold and perhaps save the kit fee altogether? In most cases we can eliminate the need for lab testing and also suggest simple remediation steps (better ventilation, stop the moisture source etc).


Since the most dangerous black mold (stachybotrys) is very rare it is better to remove doubt from a home owner’s (present or future) mind with a quick test.  Recently, I received a call from a potential buyer about a moldy lower level laundry/maids room with poor ventilation. Based on their description, I doubt very much that toxic molds were involved but perhaps the doubt was a factor in their decision to let their offer expire. I did not get the chance to inspect and alleviate or corroborate their concerns.

We have the training manuals, documentation and information on the microbiology, the remediation schemes and most important the respirator and clothing specifications for the  most extreme cases (involving large infected areas or sophisticated ventilation system contamination).  We will share this information along with ozone “shock treatment” alternatives with anyone interested.

Note: as with all inspections, we can suggest and recommend some basic remediation steps, professional remediation contractors, ozonator options and other information but do not perform these services ourselves because of obvious conflict of interest concerns.