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Is Radon a Problem in Mexico?

Recent discussions on the SMA Civil List about radon in the water reminded me that I wanted to post a little information and resources to more information about Radon here. I may start testing for radon within the next year as an “add on” service like the mold testing and inspections we do but so far the data doesn’t show a high risk in most mexican cities (see below).

Radon is being studied in Mexico and there are also global radon maps. Here is a link to a study:
There is a table with Radon levels of nearby cities of Celaya, Guanajuato, Queretaro etc. Divide by 37 to get the pCi/l so you can compare to the EPA recommendations here: Anything below 2.3 pCi/l is considered low risk but above 4.0 pCi/L you should consider mitigation to reduce the levels.

Note that geology changes and radon levels will defer from area to area. So if anyone has information on radon testing in San Miguel de Allende I would appreciate the link. There is also a study of radon in water at a thermal water spa if you want to google that.