Working Directly With the Builder/Developer

Realtors work hard to get listings on multi-unit projects and invest a lot of time, money and energy into advertising and promotion of these listings. Maintaining good relationships with the Development Community can be the life-blood of a Real Estate Company. So when it isn’t your listing remember that the listing agent has a major investment and is also very knowledgeable about the Developer’s product.

Selling an unfinished home, especially in a project with amenities that are not yet built requires a lot of trust in the development team. Will they perform on their commitments? Can they given the financial constraints of the project? Do they have deep enough pockets to finish the project to the level promised even if sales are slow. As we all know, there is no “free lunch” so a good discount on a pre-sale usually means higher risk.

A detailed home inspection report, one that is independent and professional, can help build the trust needed for these transactions. As an inspector, I prefer the house to be completely finished, electricity, water and gas on and working. If not the buyer is not going to get a complete picture of  the existing conditions. So timing becomes critical as the builder wants to close asap once the house is complete and removing the contingencies is a priority. We usually complete an inspection and the report within 24-48 hours and if we cannot we say so.